A Promise


A Promise.

I am incredibly grateful for all of your support. Despite a wonderfully run campaign by amazing staff and volunteers, we did not win. My hope is that our new mayor and council will work well together - to balance the budget and fix our pension system responsibly, begin to pave more roads and get the basics done with excellence, invest in neighborhoods the way we have in Downtown and Over-the-Rhine, and get serious about African American inclusion and local hire so that we can begin to build a new and more diverse middle class in Cincinnati.

They have my full support.

In an interview with CityBeat last month, I said the following:

“Getting universal preschool for every 3- or 4-year-old in this city — to fundamentally reduce poverty, change outcomes for every kid, improve every single school, make it easier for businesses to attract and retain talent, and get the city growing again — is way more important to me than my election."

I meant it. Moving forward, our focus will be on getting the Cincinnati Preschool Promise done - and we will need your help.

To get involved, visit The Cincinnati Preschool Promise or email me directly: greg@greglandsman.com. Also, please share this with anyone you think might be interested in helping to make this happen. The campaign to get universal, high-quality preschool for every child in this city begins now.

We will leverage our email lists, volunteers, donor base, and everything else we built together along the way to get done what we always knew was more important than my own election: The Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

As my friend and mentor John Pepper says, "On we go."

Thank you,