The Issues

Cincinnati has seen tremendous growth and development in recent years, and should be proud of our progress in areas like the Banks, OTR, and Walnut Hills. But despite this progress, there are still too many neighborhoods that need help and too many people that have been left behind.

Throughout his career, Greg has been a doer, not a talker. And as a member of City Council, he will take action to improve education, create good-paying jobs, and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Improving education.

Through Greg’s leadership, children in Cincinnati will now have access to two years of quality preschool. On City Council, Greg will continue to focus on providing early education to all children, including the expansion of much needed childcare. He will also work to make college more affordable and to strengthen investments in job training and re-training programs for Cincinnatians.

Creating jobs.

Greg will work with community leaders to help attract and recruit diverse businesses to Cincinnati that will provide good-paying jobs for our communities. He will also push for a local Earned Income Tax Credit so that Cincinnatians can keep more of their hard-earned money. And he will spearhead a compact with local employers to pay a living wage, lifting people out of poverty.

Keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Every Cincinnatian deserves to live and raise their family without fear of crime and violence. Greg will be a leader against blight, will use data systems such as CrimeStat to track and stop crime, and will build coalitions with police and neighborhood teams to make all of our neighborhoods safe for children.