The Issues

Cincinnati has experienced growth in recent years, and  revitalization in our downtown and a few other neighborhoods has provided a new sense of hope and optimism. But despite this progress, Cincinnati is home to one of the highest child poverty rates, wages have remained stagnant, our transit system is faltering, and many of our neighborhoods continue to feel left behind.

Throughout his career, Greg has been a doer, not a talker. And as a member of City Council, he will take action to improve education, create good-paying jobs, and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Investing in education.

Through Greg’s leadership, children in Cincinnati will now have access to two years of quality preschool. On City Council, Greg will continue to focus on providing early education to all children, including the expansion of much needed childcare. He will also work to make college more affordable and to strengthen investments in job training and re-training programs for Cincinnatians.

Greg’s proven track-record with the Cincinnati Preschool Promise shows his commitment to bringing people to get big things done.

Over the past decade, the number of city jobs for teenagers in the summer has dropped significantly, to the point where the city is employing less than a tenth of what it used to. Increasing opportunities for summer youth employment not only allows teens to prepare for the financial burdens of post-graduate paths, but helps them strengthen college and career resumes and prepare for their futures.

Creating jobs, increasing wages.

Greg will work with community leaders to help attract and recruit diverse businesses to Cincinnati that will provide good-paying jobs for our communities. He will push for a local, refundable Earned Income Tax Credit so that low-income Cincinnatians can keep more of their hard-earned money and make their way into the middle-class. Start-ups are beginning to boom in the city, and we need to foster that growth instead of letting our energy die out. Greg knows that the best way to attract young and diverse entrepreneurs to the city is to invest in small businesses, especially those who struggle to access capital. That why we’re committed to making Cincinnati the most inclusive city in the country for entrepreneurs and creating policy that is intentional about fostering collaboration and growth in the startup community.

Cincinnati has one of the highest childhood poverty rates in the nation. Nearly 1 of every 2 of our city’s children grow up in poverty today, an unacceptable number. But childhood poverty is also family poverty, and Greg has a plan to support the 70% of working parents who live below the poverty line. Greg will leverage his ability to form partnerships between labor and the business community to spearhead a compact with local employers to pay a living wage, lifting families out of poverty and ensuring every working family has the opportunity to earn a self-sufficient income.

Keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Every Cincinnatian deserves to live and raise their family without fear of crime and violence. Greg will be a leader against blight, will use data systems such as CrimeStat to track and stop crime, and will build coalitions with police and neighborhood teams to make all of our neighborhoods safe for children.

Our campaign has been committed to meeting people where they are hearing first-hand from constituents the issues that matter to them. Street crime, shootings, and drug overdoses continue to be among the greatest concerns residents have for their families. Working closely with police, fire, community service providers, and other municipalities will be a focus of Greg’s on council to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to curb the spread of the heroin epidemic and gun violence across the city.