Meet Greg

Greg Landsman has spent his career working for children and families. Born and raised in Cincinnati, the son of teachers, Greg lives by his parents’ motto that actions matter more than words. He will bring his record of bringing people together to get things done to City Council.

A Career of Service

Greg is a product of public schools and graduated from Ohio University before receiving a graduate degree from Harvard University. After working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., he taught high school before returning to Ohio where was appointed Director of the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. In that role, Greg managed a $7 million budget and spearheaded new programs for summer learning and mentoring fathers to bring working families out of poverty. He also chaired the Ohio Anti-Poverty Task Force, coordinating more than 2,000 Ohioans to develop new initiatives to combat child poverty and strengthen our middle class. The Task Force became a model for other states, and several of its recommendations were put into action, including efforts to make it easier for families to access the health insurance they need.

Fighting for Cincinnati’s Children

Deciding to return home to Cincinnati, Greg immediately became a leader in the efforts to strengthen families and improve education for children. As Executive Director of The StrivePartnership, Greg worked to bring people together across sectors and along the education continuum to drive better results in education in our region. He also runs two of the city’s most important education initiatives, the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, and Every Child Capital, a philanthropic venture fund that provides a book a month to every economically disadvantaged child in the city, for their first give years of their lives while supporting first-time mothers in their child’s first 1,000 days. Greg helped to envision and lead the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, an effort to provide two years of quality preschool for all three and four year olds in the city. The Preschool Promise became a national model for how to provide early education to children and as a long-term solution to address childhood poverty. In 2016, Greg helped to bring together a coalition from the business, faith, and education communities to put the preschool initiative on the ballot, as Issue 44, and in November, it passed by historic margins. Thanks to Greg’s leadership, children in Cincinnati will now have access to two years of quality preschool.

A Recognized Leader in the Community

For his leadership for children and families, Greg has been awarded the Community Action Agency’s Bridge Builder Award, the Strength in Education Award from the local chapter of the National Action Network, as well as the Cradle to Career Champion Award from the nationally recognized StriveTogether education advocacy organization. Greg’s activism and advocacy in education and poverty-reduction efforts have led to the passage of major legislation like the Cincinnati Preschool Promise and Pay for Success, which passed in this year’s Ohio state budget to eliminate infant mortality disparities in Cincinnati.

Greg is active in Cincinnati, serving on the board of the Mount Washington Community Council, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati and the Jewish Community Relations Council.

He and his wife, Sarah, live in Mt. Washington with their two children, who will be starting school at Sands Montessori this fall.